Essure is an in-office procedure that can be performed with oral sedation and local anesthetic. Instead of the older techniques for tubal ligation which involve an incision and either cutting or burning the tubes, this procedure is incision-less and involves placing tiny implants into the tubes. This is accomplished with a hysteroscope which allows the physician to see inside the uterus and identify the opening of each tube. The procedure takes about 10 minutes, and because there are no incisions, recovery is rapid, which allows patients to work the next day. This is a permanent birth control and is as effective as any other type of permanent birth control. A confirmation test is usually performed three months later to confirm that the tubes are blocked.

The advantages of Essure over traditional tubals is that it is easy, safe, involves no hormones, no incisions, fast recovery, and it can be done in an office setting which reduces costs. Sometimes it may be performed for the cost of a co-pay.

For more information, please visit the Essure web site.